28 January 2013

Are you ready?????

Okay, if you thought this last idea book was a fabulous extravaganza of fun just waiting to be inked and assembled, get a load of this:

Oh YEAH! It's the Spring/Summer Idea Book, and it's coming to you live on FRIDAY! (You can link up to it online by visiting my CTHM site here.)  Kids, you're gonna love it! The paper prints and new bling is FANTASTIC! But don't worry, some of our Fall Faves will be making an encore appearance. Avonlea, Clementine, Dakota and Scholastic will still be available, though not as Workshops On The Go. But oh wait til you see Chantilly, Claire, Tommy, Later Sk8r and Surf's Up! Your creative juices will flow! And of course the new stamp sets are phenomenal! And the bling, and ...... Well, you get the picture. You just don't wanna miss it!

And if you find you just want it all (and this might just be the Idea Book that drives you there!), you can always become part of my team. Check out the kit below (kinda makes me want to start all over again!):

You can get all this (about $155 worth of goodies) for $49! Or if you want to go big (and quite honestly, I always recommend going big....), you can get the "Master" kit for $99.

So in addition to all the goodies in the "Essential Kit" above, the Master kit includes what you see here. (And trust me, you'll want the scissors, the stamp cleaner, the scrubber, the sponges, the beautiful alphabet stamps, and the liquid glass anyway!) Remember: all of it can be yours for just $99. 

The 2013 Spring/Summer Idea Book and Consultant Kits are ready and waiting for you to peruse online here on FRIDAY! If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

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