12 February 2014

Valentine Countdown: A Valentine Surprise!

Hi All! Welcome once again to Violet & Sunshine's Countdown to Valentine's Day. I can't believe there's just three more days left! Looks like it's time to press my kiddos into service so that we can get all the class and friend Valentines made. Luckily, the weatherman says they'll be at home tomorrow! ;-)

So I've been wanting to make today's project since I saw the tutorial for it on the SplitcoastStampers Blog. It's a surprise card that goes from this...

…to this….

…to this:

Love it! This one is being used as a little Valentine's Day decoration, but since it folds flat I could mail it to a friend (for a little extra postage, I'm sure).

Here's the ingredients list:
Whooo's Your Valentine Stamp Set
Favorite Adhesives

SplitcoastStampers did a really good tutorial, so rather than explain it all, I thought I'd show you some close-ups of the embellishments:

(This is my favorite!)

Isn't this fun?! It would be great for a birthday or other special greeting. (Hmmm…nieces' graduations perhaps….) It also works as a nice centerpiece for a little celebration.

Well it's time to go batten down the hatches and stoke up the fire. Stay warm! We'll see you tomorrow as the countdown continues….


  1. Goodness gracious, this is soooo adorable! I love how the fox is holding the sign with the message. What a great combination of colors and images exploding from this card. I have to make one of these! Thanks, once again, for the inspiration!

  2. Oh my word. Well, how cute is this pop up box!! Like Lynn, I like that the fox is holding up a message!! This card explodes with fun and color and loads of sweetness!!

  3. Well, could that be any cuter??!! A perfect mix of those little foxes and the owls! So much fun in one little box!! LOVE!