03 March 2015

A Quick Little Tip for Tuesday...

Hi All! Hope you are doing well. Life is getting back to a more normal pace here at the Hill house (that would be somewhere between a "breakneck" and a "Houston-we-have-cleared-the-atmosphere" velocity).

Today I thought I'd share a little trick I started doing after watching this Dyan Reaveley video. [I find Dyan not only creatively inspiring, but also HYSTERICAL... maybe it's the British accent... So take a gander at the video when you have a chance and just know that this wasn't my idea.]

On to the idea. I like the Close To My Heart color palette. It's broad and fun and full of just about every hue and shade you could want. Unfortunately, we don't have matching markers. We have some lovely Shin Han alcohol ink markers that I enjoy using, but if you want Lagoon Exclusive Ink in marker form, well you're just out of luck. SOOOO, I created my own!

I had three waterbrushes on hand that I filled about half-way up the barrel with Lagoon, Gypsy and Pear Exclusive Inks using my re-inker bottles. VoilĂ ! Instant brush-tipped marker!

Needing something to color with my new "markers," I grabbed my Archival Black Exclusive Ink and the Choose Happy March Stamp Of The Month stamp set and went to work.

Here's a look at the result:

I wouldn't use these for a watercolor effect, obviously, but for rich, true colors, they work beautifully! I look forward to ordering more brushes and re-inkers and growing my collection. I also added labels to each brush because I'm planning on refilling them with the same color of inks. So easy and so fun!

Hope you enjoyed my quick little tip!


  1. This is sooo awesome! Clearly, there is a difference between this type of color application vs. alcohol markers. What a great way to expand our marker collections to include the CTMH color palette. Thanks for sharing this little tidbit Kim!

    1. You're welcome! I LOVE coloring with alcohol inks but sometimes I just want a water-based ink that matches the colors in my papers... :D

  2. Awesome idea...I will be adding Waterbrushes to my next order! Love this!

  3. Oh, I love Dyan, too! She's just a hoot! And thanks for sharing this trick. That is such a great idea for creating a marker in a pinch!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a great idea! Like Lynn, I'll be purchasing more of the waterbrushes! Your frame is gorgeous painted in those colrs!