23 November 2015

A Peek in My Dori (part 2): Sticking with The (Blog) Plan

Hi All! Yesterday, I showed you my beautiful Quiltdori from Rachel McGough at Handmade U. (You can see more photos of the cover here.) Today I wanted to show you two things: 1) a simple hack that allows you to get more notebooks into any dori cover, and 2) how I'm using these Field Notes notebooks as a blog planner. So let's get started.

Each Field Notes notebook is made up of 48 pages, so I decided to use one per month to plan out my blog. I wanted to carry 3 months with me at any given time, but my Quiltdori has 2 elastics. So what to do.... I turned (as any self-respecting DIY-er would) to YouTube. As it turns out, this is a common problem that is solved by a super easy hack.

Step One: slide one of the notebooks onto one of the elastics as you normally would. Step Two: grab a rubber band.

Step Three: Open two notebooks to their center seams and hold them together front to back. Step Four: Slide the rubber band over the back half of one notebook and front half of the other. In the picture above, you can see how it looks when the notebooks are closed. Below is a close-up of what it looks like from the top.

Finally, Step Five: slide the notebooks under the elastic, letting the elastic sit between the notebooks and over the rubber band. (See the photos above and below.)

And there you go. Three notebooks in a dori built for two.  So now I have blog planners for December, January, and February with me. Perfect!

So now let's take a look at how I set the planner up. 

This is basically a modified bullet journaling system. I began with my index on page one.

Then I did a two page spread for my monthly calendar. It's pretty generic right now because I haven't taken the time to spruce it up.

Next, I added two-page weekly spreads. I only included Monday through Friday because I'm not sure if I'll be blogging on the weekends. I might add a slot for Saturday going forward, but we'll see.

After my weekly spreads, I added a page per day for daily to-dos concerning the blog. I used the last 4 pages to keep my brainstorming list of ideas. (Sorry, no picture of that one.) ;-)

And there you have it. That's how I use my Quiltdori for my blog. I have another one that I use for the rest of my life. I'll do a post on that some other time. :D

To see more fun Quiltdoris, visit Rachel's Handmade U over on Instagram.

Have a wonderfully creative day!

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  1. Oh, what a great little project, and a clever hack! Love this, Kim!