21 July 2016

A Magical "Bless YOU!"

Hi All! Welcome back to another project from my convention treat bag featuring the Magical Collection. This is a box I made to house a pack of tissues. I found some cute little packs of tissues at my local craft that all opened at the end of the package rather than in the middle. So I decided to make a box that opened on the end so that you could leave the packaging intact and still get to the tissues. Here's the box:

I've made tissue boxes before that open in the middle, but this box is much more versatile. Since it opens on the end, you could really put anything you want in it.

The box is made from Sapphire cardstock that is matted with Magical paper. I kept the embellishment on the front fairly flat so that the box could go in and out of a bag with relative ease. The banners are cut from Magical paper and zip strips. The sentiment and circles are from the So Many Smiles stamp set. I stamped everything on White Daisy cardstock in Crystal Blue, Honey, and Whisper inks. Finally, I added a little bow of White & God ribbon.

Here's a collage of close-ups:

And here it is with some tissues: (These are from my stash, and aren't like the ones I gave to my friends.)

This was a fun little box to make. Hope you enjoyed it! I have one more project to show you from my treat bag, so stay tuned...

In the meant time, hope your day is filled with brilliant creativity!


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  1. How adorable, Kim! And what a fun little gift idea! I absolutely love that it's as useful as it is cute! And love that the box could be used for so many different things!