08 July 2016

Cultivating Creativity with Handmade U

Hi All! Just wanted to share a link to an interview I did with Rachel McGough of Handmade U. You can see it here.

Hope you enjoy! We're winging our way to far off places for our family vacation. Look forward to sharing some creativity from abroad.

Have a wonderfully creative weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing your awesome video, Kim! I SO enjoyed watching it and seeing your adorable face
    "in person"! (I'm sorry, I didn't see a way to comment there, though). Love some of your ideas of trying something completely new and doing the visual journaling of your trip. I think doing something new and different always sparks my creativity. I guess that's why I jump back and forth between paper crafts and fabric crafts all the time. Probably seems schizophrenic to others, but it keeps me from getting burned out. I hope you have an amazing trip overseas! And I'm looking forward to seeing your drawings! TFS!