01 June 2017

Plan It!: June

Hi All! Welcome to June. We're 6 months in. How's 2017 working out for you? I have to say, I've had better years. Still, on the whole, I'm learning a lot about a lot, so it's certainly not been a waste.

Since we're at the half-way point in the year, I decided June would be a good time to start a few new post series here at Violets & Sunshine. So the first of each month will start off with a Plan It post that gives a quick look at my planners.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a planner girl. HOWEVER, I only keep two planners and one of those, which we'll be looking at today, is a new experiment for me. I'll be posting bits and pieces of my daily planner on Instagram and Facebook, so you can check those if you're curious. The new experiment is a dedicated "business" planner. Let's take a look:

This binder-style planner is from Close To My Heart. It's an A5 size, and as such, not one I will carry with me on a daily basis. The binder itself has retired, but they have two other styles that are beautiful and in the supplies list below. The monthly tabbed dividers are all designed to be colored in whatever media you choose. I've cut the dividers down to fit my daily planner and use alcohol ink markers to color them. However, for this planner, I've started coloring it with my watercolors. The cardstock is so heavy, there is minimal warping (none at all if you tape the divider down to a board when you paint it). 

The back of the divider has a motivational quote, and the pattern on the divider is carried throughout the month on the monthly and weekly pages. 

Usually this page would say "remember..." at the top, but I wanted to switch it up to reflect my business goals. So I added a little flag at the top on which I stamped the month from Close To My Heart's Capture This stamp set and spelled out "GOALS" using the Pen Pal Alphabet stamp set. The arrow and "THIS." are also from Capture This. The title is in Archival Black ink, the arrow is second generation Sapphire ink, and THIS is in Cashmere ink. 

Here's the monthly view. I prefer a Monday start for my weekly and monthly views, so the Sunday start will take a little getting used to. 

This calendar only reflects workshops and activities that are business related. I use washi tape to add events to my calendar so that I can move them around if necessary. I also used a little stamp from the Plan On It stamp set and Whisper ink to cross out days that I want to keep from scheduling business-related events on.

The weekly view calendar does start on Monday, which is fantastic, and has two columns for appointments and to-do's. I changed it up just a little by subdividing the columns into four. I stamped "Appointments" in Cashmere inks and "Family" in Lagoon ink using the Stay Focused stamp set by Waffle Flower Stamps. "To-Do" is from the Plan On It set and is stamped in Glacier ink. I added sticky notes to my page finder (which is from Close To My Heart's 2016 planner). I wanted to set my to-do lists off from my appointments, so I added a strip of Rose Gold Foil Tape along the edge. I also added a column for my family so that I can keep track of their appointments for minimal scheduling conflicts.

And so the experiment begins. I'm not sure how the "business only" planner is going to work. I'm sure I'll add some components to it as we go along. 

So out of curiosity, do you keep multiple planners? Do you keep your work planner separate from your home planner? Enquiring minds want to know, so please leave a comment!

And have a wonderful first day of June!


  1. One planner, but there are just two us to track these days. I like how you divided the week at a glance page. I never thought of writing on the Washi tape!

    1. Some days I look forward to keeping track of 2 schedules instead of 4. ;D The washi tape thing has saved me on a number of occasions. I actually use it to block out vacations and travel for the family as well. I'm not hugely into decorating my planner just to decorate it, but if I can make it fun AND useful, I'll do it! :D

  2. You are so organized, Kim! This is awesome, and beautiful all at the same time. And I love your idea of keeping separate planners for personal and business use. I'm not very good at planning, I must say... my current trick is to print a monthly calendar sheet out and keep in next to me at the computer. Not very pretty, but functional for me. :0