21 September 2016

A Short Tutorial in Creating Kindness (part 4)

Hi All! Welcome to the fourth and final tutorial in this Creating Kindness treat box series. Throughout the series, we've been creating treat boxes from the card bases that are part of the limited edition Create Kindness card kit by Close To My Heart. If you missed the first three tutorials, you can find them here, here, and here

Here's the project we are making today: 
And here's a look at the supplies I used:
So let's get started!

 First, notice that the card base is pre-scored at 3 inches. DO NOT fold on the pre-scored line yet.
Place your card base in your scoring tool so that it is in the landscape position. (The pre-scored line should line up with the 3-inch mark at the top of your score board.) Score at the 2 1/2-inch and 3 1/2-inch marks. 

Next, fold and crease the scorelines you just made, using your bone folder to make sure the creases are nice and crisp.
When you've finished folding along the scorelines you made, your card base should look like the picture above. (Notice that we still have NOT folded along the pre-scored line yet.)
Now, turn the card base over so that the patterned side is facing your work surface and fold your base in half along the pre-scored line. Make sure your edges line up nicely and reinforce the fold using your bone folder.
With your card base still folded in half, fold the front along the score line you made so that the patterned side of the paper is now facing you. Turn the card over and fold the back in the same way. When you have finished, your card should have a "W" fold, as shown above.
Next, open your card back up so that the pattern side is facing your work surface and add adhesive along the top edge of the card.
Then fill a cellophane bag with candy. (I'm using the bottom half of one of the bags I use to protect my notecards once they are made. However, you can pick up treat bags in all shapes and sizes online or at your local craft store.)
Now, place your bag on the adhesive at the top of the card base. Make sure to leave room at the bottom for the bag to hang in the holder. Don't worry if your bag is too tall, we'll cut the excess off in a minute. (Note, I also had to tuck in one of the sides of my bag as it was a little too wide.)
Once your treats are in place, fold up your bag so that the bottom and top edges of the card meet and staple it shut. Trim off any excess cellophane that sticks out at the top. Your bag is now done and ready to decorate. How easy was that?!
To decorate the bag, stamp your greeting on one of the white cardstock circles included with the card bases and color it as you wish. I used my PrismaColor pencils with this one. (By the way, missing from the photo above is the white pencil that I used to add highlights to the image after I was done coloring.)

Now pop your image on your bag with foam adhesive and you are done!

Here's a look at the treat bag we made along with the original:
And there you go! Remember, this card kit comes with 24 bases, so that means 24 treat boxes and bags in 4 different shapes. There are links to both the card kit and to just the card bases below. The whole kit includes 24 card bases, envelopes, and cardstock circles, a 2x2-inch acrylic block for stamping, 8 (EIGHT!) stamps, and an ink cube (the only thing you can't buy separately), and comes neatly packaged in a mini stamp organizer. If you don't want the whole kit, you can buy each piece separately except the ink cube. However, you can buy a full-sized archival ink stamp pad instead. This kit is only available through 30 September, so get it while you can!

Hope you enjoyed these tutorials. Stay tuned to see what we do with the envelopes!

In the meantime, have a wonderfully creative day!

19 September 2016

A Short Tutorial in Creating Kindness (part 3)

Hi All! Welcome to part three of our four part tutorial series on Creating Kindness using the Close To My Heart's limited edition Create Kindness Card Kit. If you missed the first two tutorials, you can find them here and here.

Today we will be making this box:

Here are the supplies that I used for this project:

So let's get started!
Begin by using your paper trimmer or scissors to cut the card base in half along the pre-scored score line.

You will be left with two 3x3-inch squares of cardstock.

Next, score on of the squares of cardstock at 5/8-inch on all four sides. When you're finished, set it aside. This will be the BASE of your box.

For the top, you will want to use a piece of cardstock (I just used the box base) as a shim between the edge of your cardstock square and the wall of your scoring tool. This will shift the square you are currently scoring to the right just a smidge (maybe 1/32 of an inch if that). Score at 5/8-inch then rotate your cardstock 90 degrees and score at 5/8-inch until you have scored all four sides of the lid, leaving the shim in place each time you score. This actually allows you to fit the lid to the box snugly, but without warping the box base. It takes some coordination, but it's worth the effort.

Once you finish scoring your box top, use your thumb notch punch or a circle punch to remove a very shallow arc from one of the sides. Center your arc in the middle of the side. That will be the front of your box.
Next, fold along all of the scorelines, using your bone folder to reinforce your creases so that they are nice a crisp.
When you finish folding along the scorelines, use your scissors to cut along the score lines on two sides of the box (one of which should include the arc you cut earlier). [NOTE: I find it easier to see the scorelines on the back of the cardstock, so I usually turn it over for this step.]  Cut straight along the score line from the edge of the box to the intersecting scoreline. You will create four square tabs--one at each corner. You will want to cut again at a slight angle (taper) on the inside and outside edges of each tab to make the box fit together smoothly. (See the picture above.)

When you've finished cutting, turn you paper back over so that the front is facing you and add your adhesive of choice (I used ATG tape) to the four tabs. 

Begin putting your box together by folding the tabs and attaching them to the rectangular flaps creating 90 degree angles.

NOTE: when you fold your flaps in around the thumb notch (arc), you may find that they hang over a little. You will want to cut off any paper hanging over so that the arc is smooth. (See photo below.)

Finish attaching all your tabs so that your box top looks like this:

Next, take your second square of cardstock and repeat the steps above (omitting the thumb notch) to create the box base.

Add your treats to your box. (I managed to fit two Hershey Nuggets in it, though it was a little snug.) Place the lid on top and it should look like this:

Next, stamp your greeting on one of the white circles of cardstock and color it as you wish. I used Black Archival ink and PrismColor pencils for this one.

Pop your greeting onto the top of the box using foam tape. Make sure that the bottom of your greeting faces the side of the box with the thumb notch as pictured above.

And that's it!

Here's another look at the box we just made and the original project:

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned for the fourth and final tutorial in our Creating Kindness treat box tutorial series.

Until then, have a wonderfully creative day!